• Vrijdag, April 3, 2020

First of all, We sincerely hope that everyone is okay and safe! 

We here at anyflare have taken some measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, We all work from home and customer visits have been cancelled until further notice. But we are not the only one in this company that are affected by this. So are you, Our customers. For you we have also taken some measures to make this pandemic just a little bit easier.

  • Customer payments can be postponed until the 1st of july. 
  • Website deliveries have been cancelled until the 1st of july.
  • We are open to good offers for new invoices.  

All of these measures are on a case to case base. If you want to discuss anything with us related to these measures please feel free to contact us! We are in this together and we can only do this if we help eachother!

We also have made some changes to our paypal payment methode that could cause subscriptions to be disabled or removed from our system! If you think this is the case with your account please check your subscription! If you have any questions feel free to contact us!


And remember: 

Stay Inside, Wash your hands and Keep your distance to others! 

and the most important thing of all.

Stay safe!